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       Glencairn LF Crystal Glass

Glencairn Nosing Copita

  • Handblown yet surprisingly durable.
  • Designed element by element to enhance any spirit it holds.
  • Delicately curved lip of the glass brings the spirit directly across the tongue's sweet receptors.
  • Exemplary and unique design brings all fine distilled spirits up to their highest potential.

$15.00 each

2 for $29.95

Hand-Etched 2 for $39.95

* watch covers also available for $1.50 ea.

  • The NEW Glencairn Glass
  • Authentic Whisky Glass from The Glencairn Crystal Co.
  • Now it's made from lead-free crystal,

     it has better clarity, and has a finer edge

  • Designed with the whisky industry for the whisky industry.

$10.00 each

2 for $19.95

Hand-Etched 2 for $29.95

* watch covers also available for $1.50 ea.

* Each Glass is Individually Gift Boxed FREE of Charge the box explains...

"The 5 Steps to Appreciating Scotch Whisky…" Individual glassware gift boxes are ALWAYS FREE of CHARGE at AromasUnCorked.Com!

  • Used by the Master Distiller in his duty of nosing "New Make" Spirit
  • Nosing Copita was known as the "Dock Glass" in the 17th and 18th centuries as wine and spirit merchants would nose their shipments at the Docks before accepting.
  • Tulip shape bowl allows one to swirl the whisky prior to nosing and the narrow opening facilitates the retention of alcohol vapours.

$12.50 each

2 for $24.95

Hand-Etched 2 for $34.95

* watch covers also available for $1.50 ea.

Designed by a Welshwoman with sterling credentials (distillery president, acclaimed

author of single-malt books, can out-drink

Rip Torn), the CMSG's a patented,  ten-years-in-the-making mini-goblet that'll

enhance any liquor experience. The specs

of her masterwork: hand-blown from almost-completely-lead-free glass, its full

bulb allows so much flavor-releasing

oxygenation it'll make your hemoglobin red

with jealousy. An elongated, pinched neck

prevents spillage during heavy swirling and

funnels taste-essential aromas right to your

sniffler. Finally, the precisely flared lip splashes

your poison directly on your tongue's sweet  receptors -- as crucial to the appreciation of

alcohol as an overbearing father.

The Glencairn Glass differs from other glasses

in that it is was designed entirely for whisky.

Old fashioned Tumblers and nosing copitas

are the two glasses most commonly used for drinking whisky.

The Glencairn Glass is the result of years of consultation with the whisky industry.

Designed by Raymond Davidson with the help

of the Master Blenders.

This really is the perfect whisky glass.

Currently supplied to every distillery in Scotland

and Ireland, as well as every major whisky

festival around the world.

Nosing Copitas are small tulip shaped glasses with a long stem. These are designed specifically for nosing spirits not for tasting. Master Blenders nose each whisky and often do not even taste the whisky. Whisky Nosing Copitas are in fact based on sherry nosing copitas.

The right size and shape if glass is vital, and makes a huge difference to one's ability to nose effectively. What is requierd is a 'snifter' which allows you to swirl the spirit and gather the aromas around the rim. A copita is ideal. The trade use a 'spirits nosing glass', made of crystal, for sharpness and clarity, often calibrated in fluid ounces so you can tell at what strength you are nosing it - eg, if the sample is at 60% ABV and you pour one ounce, then dilute up to the two ounce mark, the drink is now at 40% ABV.




              Watch Glass Covers

       Glencairn LF Crystal Glass Gift Box

  • The watch glass cover keeps aromas in until you are ready to let your whisky breathe.

The Watch Glass Cover

To enhance the nosing experience of the Glencairn Glass, pour your dram, and set one of these covers on top. When your ready to nose and taste your whisky, slip off the cover, and enjoy. This greatly helps to concentrate all of the aromas of your fine whisky.

These Watch Glass Covers are 2" diameter, and are concave or dish shaped, as a real watch glass cover should be, so that they sit securely on the rim of your Glencairn Glass.

Watch Glass Cover when Purchased

with Glass Order

$1.50 each

  • The Glencairn Glass Gift / Display Box

               Primarily used for a retail store display carton (don't keep them in boxes) you will want to    show your glasses off.


                 If desired, we like to send the boxes separately wrapped, as they can get a little bit beat    up in shipping if used as the primary shipping container.

              These Gift or Display Boxes are for one individual glass, and they are always free here at     Aroma's Uncorked. (with glass order one per glass).

FREE with your glass order!!

One per glass, extra boxes available for $1.oo ea.